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Finally, an easy to read, simple solution to help teenagers and young adults in personal development. Parents, teachers and carers- this is what you have been looking for!

Check out Do Make Mistakes; the secrets to success that every teen must know!

Do you know a teenager or young adult that needs some help?

Have you ever made a mistake and felt like a failure? Are you sick and tired of people not understanding you? Perhaps you find yourself thinking “I just want life to be better” or “ I want to achieve something more”. You are not alone.

Successful people don’t often talk about the struggle that they had to go through on their path to achieving their dream. Failure is how we learn. Failure is needed for success. When you fail forward, you overcome fear. It is the fear itself that is holding you back – not the failure. 

Among the many gold nuggets you will find in this book,

Ruth’s readers will learn:

Who you are and

what you want

The 5 secrets to success that are not taught at school

How to work smarter,

not harder

How to make great decisions in line with your values

The secrets to building positive relationships with ease

How to increase your stamina and resilience

The skills of the future and how to choose your career

New money and how it relates to Gen Z

Do you know
Ruth Hibburt?

Teacher, entrepreneur and speaker Ruth Hibburt has studied and applied the secrets to success by failing forward.  A positive change maker in education, Ruth is an expert in building skills, confidence and positive relationships with students, parents and teachers; having taught over 3000 students from a diverse range of social and learning needs.

​What are people saying about ‘Do Make Mistakes”?

Ruth writes with such passion, an insightful mix of wisdom and knowledge. This book is a wonderful gift to young people as they navigate their way along social pathways that are often fraught with self- doubt and confusion. The message of self- belief and ‘I can’ rather than ‘I can’t’ resonates powerfully throughout this book.

-Lynda Newell

Leading Teacher and mother of 5. Geelong- Australia

“Do Make Mistakes is the best advice book I have ever read for teenagers. It is so easy to read and I really could connect to the cartoons. I loved the chapters about careers and money. It blew my mind in a good way and I feel so motivated to finish school and be successful." 


17 years, New Plymouth, New Zealand.

IPractical, easily understandable advice and solutions for teenagers today. The reframing of making mistakes as a positive thing really resonated with me.

- Sarah Taylor

Financial Consultant and Mother, Auckland- New Zealand

I wish 'do make mistakes' was around to read and share with others while growing up.
We go through school and adolescence with so much doubt, fear and confusion about what is the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ path; this book gives you the tools to confidently create your own path to success.
Ruth's passion and expertise on creating success for teens shines through the chapters and am excited for anyone who comes across this book.

- Sophie Anapliotis

Business Development Specialist. Geelong- Australia

“I hate reading and did not want to read this book but my girlfriend forced me to read it. It really spoke to me it was like Ruth Hibburt was reading my mind. No one talks about the real issues and gives ways to overcome challenges like in this book. It is so true that we can fail forward and learn from our mistakes. Most people just feel bad and give up. This book even helps me calm down when I get frustrated and angry. Everyone needs to read it.”

- Adam

19 years old, Melbourne Australia.

Ruth uses humour, eye catching graphics and interesting facts to challenge and inspire young people to take control of their own destinies. This practical guide empowers young readers to feel confident and capable in what can be an overwhelming modern world. Ruth shows that by identifying clear goals and creating positive mindsets young people can shape their own happy and rewarding futures.

-Bronwyn Smith

Assistant Principal and Mother, Geelong- Australia.

“Do Make Mistakes” encourages readers to question their decisions. The colourful chapter headings invite readers to revisit stand-alone sections as needed. And with analogies to engage, teens are sure to gain value from this book.

-Nicole Jowett

Teacher and Mother of 3, Melbourne Australia

Ruth has a passion for youth, education and success. Her aim is to see everyone fulfil their potential, succeed and increase their self-esteem. This book imparts guidance for those who are in need of it and shows the way forward for a multitude of young people who deep down want to succeed.

- Karen Hayes

Education Business Manager, Auckland -New Zealand

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